Friday, November 6, 2020

A possible change in regime in the United States and the prospects for India

Pakistan is irrelevant. It is a bogus and spurious creation. At the most, it is meant to be an impediment to contain the progress of  India and prevent her from attaining her status as a world power like becoming a permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations Organisation with full power of veto in the place of China, by playing the role of an obstacle, or spoilsport which was the reason Pakistan was created in 1947 in the first place pursuant to a game plan! Pakistan has no other role to play. Pakistan has no other purpose. If the Pakistanis think that Pakistan was created to sub-serve their purpose, they are mistaken. Pakistan was created to sub-serve the geo-strategic, needs of the Europe and North America. 

It all has to do with the fact that at the end of the day, Pakistan is a spurious and bogus creation. Notwithstanding the best intentions of Jinnah, when he created a state for the first time in the world on the basis of the religious beliefs of Indians, it sent the ball rolling. One thing leads to another. It happens with clockwork precision and cannot be averted or prevented. That is how all the minorities including the Ahmadi Muslims came to be discriminated. The chain reaction or domino effect is inevitable and the end result will play itself out eventually to its logical conclusion, not withstanding the sane voices of the minority intellectuals and academics! There is only one way, only one way to stop the domino effect and that is to nip it at the source! So there!

The crux with South Asian Muslims is that they don't have a pride in their Indo-Aryan race and ancestry. They imagine that they are Arabs, or Turks or Persians in accordance with their whims and fancies! Only a common pride in our Indo-Aryan ancestry and a renaissance can save us!

The  main country the United States would blindly

and unconditionally support against India and ditch India is China. Would either the Democratic or the Republican regime unequivocally support India's sovereignty and territorial integrity in Aksai Chin 36°22'48"N 78°48'01"E in Ladakh and publish official United States Government maps depicting Aksai Chin 34°42'19"N 80°42'36"E in Ngari- Khor-sum in  Ladakh as an integral and inalienable part of India?

It is not about Mr. Donald Trump! Whichever  régime is in power in the United States and no matter what, their core foreign policy vís-a-vís Kashmir or supporting China's territorial claims in India particularly in Aksai Chin 34°28'01"N 80°13'49"E in Ladakh or the Cis-Kuen Tract in northern Kashmir, or Palestine would be dictated by the Deep State. The Democrats would blindly support the Chinese regime vís-a-vís human rights violations in inter alia the occupied sovereign states of Tibet and East Turkistan whilst  raising a hue and cry about alleged human rights violations in northern India 36°23'47"N 78°49'10"E particularly with reference to Art. 370 of the Constitution of India equating Kashmir with the sovereign occupied states of Tibet and East Turkistan rather than with Shaanxi, Gansu or Ningxia in the far, distant, restive, and disputed Frontier Tract adjoining southern Mongolia! This is their hypocrisy, deceit and treacherous conduct. It is just vested interests, really, nothing to do with alleged moral outrage or indignation.

Yes, that's what I have been saying all along. In the long run; We don't really have any friends, only opportunistic busybodies. We are all alone and destined to be  on our own against predominantly the rest of the whole world. We have to be careful! We have to be wary of the offer of friendship from various sources. Their honesty and sincerity is suspect! In the long run we have to have an indigenously designed up to date  sophisticated star-wars defence and offense technology and intercontinental ballistic missile technologies to strike any target wheresoever anywhere, even in the western hemisphere, should any state try to endanger our peaceful existence! So that jerks who are aspiring to be President or Vice President in states wheresoever they are which are historically averse to the territorial integrity of India, her security, and self-reliance,  and have game-plans put in place do not get ideas inside their morbid head!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

The delirium of the Chinese Rogue State on the formation of a new Union Territory of Ladakh


Why is the Chinese Rogue State so delirious and paranoid about the formation of a separate new Union Territory of 

Ladakh? China knows & quite rightly so that Ladakh or Maryul per se historically comprises Ngari Khorsum & Shang Shung & that this fact cannot be contested credibly by anyone. The territorial integrity of

Ladakh vis-a-vis the eastern parts of Ladakh was sort of camouflaged so long when Ladakh remained a part of the historical area of Kashmir. So, the Chinese were sly enough to understand that when a Union Territory of Ladakh was created, it would call into question the issue of the territorial integrity of Ladakh in its entirety, and the precursor to the next inevitable step in the chain of events which would inevitably follow and cannot be prevented come what may under any circumstances is the reiteration of the territorial integrity of Ladakh in its entirety. And they

are perfectly and precisely right! When Ladakh is a part of India, it is not just the western fringes of Ladakh but the whole of Ladakh in its entirety including inter alia Ngari Khorum and Shang Shung which is a part of Ladakh. That is
The territorial extent of Ladakh or Maryul

why the Chinese would rather be happy if

just the western fringes of Ladakh remained politically a part of a moth-eaten Kashmir without the eastern part of Ladakh comprising Ngari Khorsum and Shang Shung being restored back to Kashmir!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Events leading to the liberation of parts of eastern India and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands by the Indian National Army of Subhas Chandra Bose

 There is no controversy whatsoever! The Azad Hind Fauj under Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose successfully entered India and Colonel Shaukat Malik, who hailed from Multan in western India in the province of Panjab and the local Manipuri supporters of the Indian National Army under Shri Mairembam Koireng Singh hoisted the Tricolour 🇮🇳 in the liberated part of the mainland of India in Manipur at Moirang on 14, April 1944. Shah Nawaz Khan, a Janjua Rajput from Rawalpindi, Panjab, western India of the Indian National Army led the army into northeastern India, liberating Kohima and Imphal which were held briefly by the INA. Shah Nawaz Khan was profoundly influenced by Subhas Chandra Bose's speeches asking POWs to join the Indian National Army and to fight for a free India. According to Shah Nawaz Khan, "It will not be wrong to say that I was hypnotized by his personality and his speeches. He placed the true picture of India before us and for the first time in my life I saw India, through the eyes of an Indian." Nawaz joined the INA in 1943. He was included in the Cabinet of the Arzi Hukumat-e- Azad Hind (INA) formed by Bose. Another Indian from Panjab who joined the INA was Mohammad Zaman Kiani who was born in the village of Shakarparian in the Rawalpindi District in western India. Previously, In the Islands comprising the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Sukhadhara, and the Lakshadvipa

Sukhadhara and the mainland part of the rest of the Presidency of Bombay

archipelago, Netaji had already hoisted the Trivarña 🇮🇳 in Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands on 30, December 1943 and proclaimed a free, independent Sovereign India which was recognised by around 18 countries. Afterwards, there were fear of large-scale desertion of Indians in the British Indian Army and the English could no longer trust and take for granted the loyalty of the Indian Army and feared widespread mutiny and they were constrained to leave India bag and baggage before being forcibly kicked and thrown out albeit after partitioning the provinces of N.W.Frontier Afghanistan Province and Baluchistan in western India along with the adjoining areas of western Pañjab and Sindh from the rest of India. It was not Mohandas K. Gandhi or the wolf in sheep's clothing who ran with the hare and hunted with the hounds, one Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru who won India her independence, but the Ghadar independence movement and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and the Indian National Army!

Amritsar was established as the control centre for the activity of the Ghadar party which had to be changed to Lahore on February 6,1915 due to security considerations. After analyzing all the reports from the organizers amongst the army and civilians, it was decided on February 12,1915 that the date of uprising will be February 21,1915. The plan was to occupy the cantonments of Mian Mir, Ferozepur, Meerut, Lahore, and Delhi and proclaim the Republic of India. Garrisons in Kohat, Bannu and Dinapur were also to revolt on the same day. Kartar Singh Sarabha was to take control of Ferozepur and Pingle to march to Delhi from Meerut with the 128th Battalion.

Dr. Mathura Singh was sent to the frontier areas of the Northwest to organize the Afridis and others. Nidhan Singh Chugha, Gurmukh, Singh and Harnam Singh were sent to Jhelum, Rawalpindi, and Hoti Mardan. Parmanand went to Peshawar. Others were sent to Ambala, Meerut, Lucknow, Allahabad, Benares, Dinapur, and Faizabad to raise the banner of revolt. They also decided that the flag of this revolt and republic would be a tricolor of Red, Green and Yellow with two swords crossing in the centre. The organization of revolt in the eastern part of India, such as in Bengal and Assam, was to be coordinated by the Bengali revolutionaries. 

The army of the Ghadarites also defeated the British forces in the province of Sistan in Afghanistan. The Ghadar army chased the British forces into the Karamshir area in the province of Baluchistan in western India. Here they heard the news and declaration of the Free Hindustan by the Provisional Government of India headed by Mahendra Pratap. From here the Ghadar army advanced towards Karachi and took over the coastal towns of Gawador and Dawar in the Makran Coast east of Chah Bahar in the province of Baluchistan in western India. The Baluch chief of Bampur declared his independence from the British rule and joined the Ghadar forces.

The Provisional Government of India established in Kabul, Afghanistan on December 1, 1915 by Indian Nationalists composed of Mahendra Pratap as President, Maulana Barkatullah as Prime Minister, Deobandi Maulavi Ubaidullah Sindhi as Home Minister, Deobandi Maulavi Bashir as War Minister, and Champakraman Pillai as Foreign Affairs Minister.




Thursday, August 20, 2020

Arundhati Roy's duplicity and her apparent collusion with hostile powers inimical to India's sovereignty and territorial integrity

In a writeup published by Arundhati Roy, titled “Modi's brutal treatment of Kashmir exposes his tactics – and their flaws”, She states,” In India’s parliament, home minister Amit Shah went further. He said he was prepared to lay down his life to take over the territories of what India calls Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and what Kashmiris call Azad Kashmir, as well as the frontier provinces of Gilgit-Baltistan. He also threw in Aksai Chin, once part of the erstwhile kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir, now a part of China. He was wading into dangerous territory, literally as well as figuratively” .

So according to Arundhati Roy, the nationalistic and  patriotic duty of liberating 

the Chinese and Pakistani occupied parts of Kashmir whose accession to the Union of India was legal and  was in its entirety and the welcome  statement of the Home Minister that Aksai Chin is a sacred part of the territory of the composite state of Jammu and Kashmir and that this aspect about the territorial extant of Jammu and Kashmir whose accession to the Union of India was in its entirety has been enunciated in both the sacrosanct  Constitution of India as well as the then Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir  and that he would give his life for Pakistan Occupied Kashmir  is improper.  She alleges and claims that Aksai Chin “once part of the erstwhile kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir”, is  “now a part of China”. Thus she recognizes Aksai Chin as allegedly a part of “China” and not a part of Ladakh!

This is not a write-up purportedly  about the rampant human rights violation in the length and breadth of India. It is geo-strategical  writing by a person with geo-strategic interests  who is in collusion with enemies of India and she is supporting these Countries in their territorial claims in India using the façade of violation of human rights in India about which she does not have an iota of interest . It has nothing whatsoever to  do with Human Rights and the Government of India and  all Indians should see through her deceitful and treacherous collusive geo-strategic vested interests to undermine the security and the sacred territorial integrity of India.

According to Arundhati Roy, it is provocation if  the Indian meteorological department begins to include Gilgit-Baltistan in its National Indian weather reports. She is asking India  as the agent of the Chinese Rogue State to be subservient and servile to the Chinese Rogue State and  beware of  the Rogue Chinese regime  when it urged India to “be cautious in its words and deeds on the border issue”.

She blames the Honourable  Supreme Court of India and commits contempt of the Honourable Supreme Court of India  by stating that the Honourable  Supreme Court of India  “for a whole year allowed the internet siege to continue and ignored the 600 habeas corpus petitions by distraught people seeking the whereabouts of their family members”.


She expects India to be servile and subservient to the Rogue Chinese Regime in unlawful military occupation of our sovereign neighbouring  Countries, Tibet and East Turkistan. She says, “We have a dragon on our doorstep and it isn’t happy”.  She claims that the Galwan Valley is on the “Ladakh Border” whereas the Galwan Valley is on the Ceasefire Line and not on the International Border of India adjoining the Sanju-La and the Hindu-tash Passes.  According to her, “On 17 June 2020, we awoke to the horrifying news that 20 Indian soldiers including a colonel had been brutally killed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in the icy reaches of the remote Galwan Valley on the Ladakh border”. She keeps m,um about the countless Chinese soldiers who had been butchered by the  Indian Armed  Forces! So, according to Arundhati Roy, the Galwan Valley is on the International Border. She is blatantly in collusion with the Rogue Chinese State. Let there be not an iota of doubt about that.  There is much more to it than meets the eye. This write-up of hers is not at all about human rights violation but a write-up upholding the Chinese territorial claims inside India, and Arundhati Roy has to be held accountable. She has to apologise and confess and divulge the information about the enemies of India with whom she is verily in collusion with in their endeavor to balkanize India and undermine the geo-strategic interests of India and her sacred territorial integrity  and beg the pardon of India or be subjected to criminal prosecution  in accordance with law.


Arundhati Roy does not admit that the areas into  which the Chinese encroached  is per se an integral  and inalienable sacred  part of India and refers to the around more than hundreds of square kilometres of land which the Chinese have encroached as  what India considers to be its territory”.  She expects India to be servile and subservient to the Chinese and suggests that the encroachment was not a naked aggression  by China but was a result of the Home Minister of India purportedly stating that Aksai Chin shall be liberated from Chinese Occupation.  She says, “ Was it just naked aggression as portrayed by the Indian media? Or have the Chinese moved to protect what they see as their vital interests – a road

through the high mountains of Aksai Chin and a trade route through Pakistan Occupied/Azad Kashmir? Both are under threat, if the belligerent statements made by India’s home minister were to be taken seriously, and how can they not be? Arundhati Roy is actually vindicating and validating the encroachments of the Rogue Chinese Regime further into western Ladakh in the Galwan and the Pangong Tsu in western Ladakh.  

The Home Minister of India, Mr. Amit Shah  rightly  stated in the Parliament of India that, "Kashmir is an integral part of India, there is no doubt about it. When I say Jammu and Kashmir, I include Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Aksai Chin, both are included in the territorial boundaries of Jammu and Kashmir". That was a welcome statement. It was a breath of fresh air which ought to have been unanimously  welcomed by all political parties in India across the political spectrum. We did not see  the Italian spy, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi clap or applaud our Home Minister when he unequivocally stated that he would sacrifice his life for PoK. She was in a well practiced and rehearsed  modus operandi looking behind to view her coterie playing out her whims and fancies as per the arrangement put in practice.  

Arundhati Roy is obviously right when she says that, “But even without an official war, for India to keep a standing army on the Ladakh border, supplied and equipped for high-altitude warfare, for it to even remotely match China’s arsenal, India’s defence budget would probably have to double or triple in size. Even that won’t be enough”. Yes, India has to increase manifold her defence budget exponentially and more than  triple her defence budget and support the independence of Tibet and East Turkistan and recognize Tibet and East Turkistan as sovereign independent neighbouring countries and oust China and take the place of the Rogue State of China in the Security Council of the United Nations Organisation with full power of Veto and vitiate all proceedings of the United Nations Organisation prior to that as ab initio illegal and null and void.  But the pertinent issue is where does Arundhati Roy  who is purportedly a fiction writer turned "human rights activist" get this highly classified geo-strategic information from? These are not words emanating from a purportedly human rights activist she ostensibly claims to be but is pregnant with geo-strategical information. Why should this information be at all  a part of a write-up which is allegedly about human rights violations in Kashmir?  The truth is that her predominantly gibberish purported write-up about alleged human rights violations in Kashmir is simply a façade  for her writing a geo-strategic geopolitical and militaristic  article blatantly supporting  and in collusion with the Rogue Chinese Regime and supporting their bogus, fictitious  and spurious territorial

claims inside India to the detriment of India. The Government of India should see through her deceitful  and treacherous conduct and prosecute her in accordance with law, not because she purportedly wrote an article condemning human rights violations in Kashmir  but because this article is not at all about human rights violations in Kashmir but a collusive geo-strategic article supporting Chinese strategic  interests and geo-strategic territorial claims inside India to the geo-strategic  detriment of India  and Indians have to wake up and see through the conduct of such parasiticagents of regimes hostile to the unity and territorial integrity of India makinguse of the prevalence of rule of law and Constitutional law in India to undermine India’s geo-strategic interests.  

Arundhati Roy ridicules the unanimous Judgment of the Honlurable Supreme Court of India on the Ayodhya  temple by stating that the construction of a Sri Rama temple, “as well as the blessings of India’s supreme court”.

Arundhati Roy finally culminates by  quoting  the Chinese and warning Indians to be servileand subservient to the Rogue Chinese Regime in illegal military occupation of India’s traditional and historical sovereign neighbours, Tibet and the trans Kuen-Lun State of East Turkistan. She says, “The world order is changing. You can’t bully people and act like the top dog in the neighbourhood when you’re not top dog. That’s not a Chinese saying. It’s just common sense”. 

The message on the wall is loud and clear, India should not be a proud and sovereign  nation and should know where their place is, that of perpetual subservience and servility to the Rogue Chinese Regime of the distant and faraway  Rogue State of China in East Asia in illegal military Occupation of Tibet and East Turkistan and claiming to be a country which allegedly has an international Boundary with India!

The veritable modus operandi of Arundhati Roy is to as per her game plan, earn fame and glory by

initially supporting a just movement like the Narmada movement or Athirapally in the Vazhachal forest and after she has done just that, misuse her ill-earned fame and glory obviously at the behest of countries hostile to India in Europe and North America and East Asia which countries India should be wary of, and start espousing separatist movements in India. India should interrogate her and get the cat out of the bag by making her divulge the names of the hostile countries at whose behest she is indulging in such illegal and anti-national delinquencies! This is per se a form of neo-colonialism pure and simple! Arundhati Roy may have won the so-called Booker Prize as a part of the game plan for obvious quid pro quo reasons but at the end of the day, she is just a giggling and gossiping silly girl. But when she crosses the line and makes all fantastic sensational collusive statements which are per se false, derogatory, preposterous, absurd, and legally unsustainable and meant solely for earning the goodwill and praise of her predominantly white extra-national patrons in the West and countries hostile to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of India to the detriment of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India, she has to be brought to justice, not for expressing her freedom of speech or making dissenting statements but for maliciously making untrue statements to sub-serve and cater to the needs of her white patrons abroad and in collusion with them. 

But however, Arundhati Roy is deeply concerned that "India will cease to exist if we accept National Register of Citizens and the Citizenship Amendment Bill:, adding that “we are faced with the biggest challenge since Independence.” Such a shameless and spineless character who wants to balkanise India but nevertheless is deeply concerned that India will cease to exist! It would be wrong to assume that she is delusional or mentally retarded. She wants to have the cake and eat it also and she knows that she can, this being India!

Yes, "Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing”!




Sunday, August 9, 2020

Demarcation of the International Boundary of India with the De Jure Government-in-Exile of the Republic of East Turkistan

It is imperative in the light of the despicable and opportunistic blatantly illegal and null and void so-called border agreement entered by the Rogue Chinese State  which illegally and militarily occupies the  sovereign states of the Republic of East Turkistan and Tibet for the Government of the Republic of India to convene a meeting of the authorized representatives of the De Jure Government in- Exile of the Sovereign State of East Turkistan and hold deliberations and demarcate the International Boundary of India with the Republic of East Turkistan, our historic neighbour. India as a self-respecting and sovereign 

Nation which is not subservient and servile to any ought to have done it then and there on  2nd march 1963 itself when the Rogue Regime in China signed the treacherous and deceitful opportunistic illegal so-called border agreement with the Pakistanis pertaining to territory which is a part of India.

It is reprehensible that the conduct of the Republic of  India has been servile and one of subservience and the Government of India has so far not taken any action which would be deemed to anger the Rogue Chinese Regime in unlawful military occupation of Tibet and East Turkistan. The Government of India had initially issued visa to the East Turkistan leader -in -Exile Shri Dolkun Isa  but had in a shameful act of subservience and servility canceled the Visa originally issued to him and refused him permission of entry into the territory of India. 

The East Turkistan National Awakening Movement (ETNAM) has vide Twitter in response to a tweet responded in a private message on behalf of the De Jure Government of East Turkistan -in-Exile elucidated and issued clarification as follows:-

"We just want to clarify that Mr. Dolkun Isa is NOT affiliated with the East Turkistan Government in Exile or the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement. As far as our position on Eastern Ladakh (Aksai Chin), we adhere to the positions held by The State of East Turkistan/Kashgaria (1865-1884) and the former East Turkistan Republics (1933-1934 & 1944-1949) which is that they respect India's sovereignty & territorial integrity and doesn't claim Eastern Ladakh as part of East Turkistan's territory as per the 1865 Johnson Line. An independent East Turkistan wouldn't have any border problems or any other issues with our ancient neighbor India".

"Dolkun Isa isn't affiliated with the @ETExileGov and @ETAwakening. The position of  the 
@ETAwakening@ETExileGov  on  Eastern Ladakh (Aksai Chin) is that it is a part of India since 1865 per the Johnson Line. We respect India's sovereignty & territorial integrity".

The Draft text of the proposed agreement to be inevitably signed is as follows:-

The Government of the Republic of India  and the  Government-In-Exile of  The Sovereign Republic of

Opening of the ETGE's 8th General Assembly
 in Washington, DC on November 10, 2019
East Turkistan presently under the illegal military occupation by the Rogue Regime in China; having agreed, with a view to ensure the  peace and tranquillity on their respective border after the inevitable impending independence of East Turkistan, to formally delimit and demarcate the boundary between  the Trans -Kuen Lun sovereign Republic  of Turkistan with India on the Kuen Lun Range  in a spirit of fairness, reasonableness, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation, and on the Internationally recognised principle of Watershed as the legitimate basis for the demarcation of the International Boundaries. Being convinced that this would not only give full expression to the desire of the peoples of East Turkistan  and India for the development of good neighbourly and friendly relations, but also help safeguard Asian, particularly Central Asian and South Asian and world peace.

Have resolved for this purpose to conclude the present agreement and have appointed as their respective plenipotentiaries the following.

For the Government of the Republic of India,  Minister of Foreign Affairs.

For the De Jure Government of the Republic of East Turkistan, Minister of External Affairs.

Who, having mutually examined their full powers and found them to be in good and due form have agreed upon the following:-

Article 1.  In view of the fact that the historical  boundary between the Trans Kuen Lun state of East Turkistan  and the contiguous areas in the adjoining  Highlands of Kashmir comprising the areas of former principalities of Ladakh or Maryul and Kanjut adjoining the Trans Kuen Lun State of East Turkistan on the Kuen Lun Range Border  has never been formally delimited, two parties agree to delimit it on the basis of the traditional customary boundary line including features and in a spirit of equality, mutual benefit and friendly cooperation.

Article 2.  In accordance with the principle expounded in Article 1 of the present agreement, the two parties have fixed as follows the alignment of the entire boundary line between The composite Cis- Kuen Lun State of Kashmir comprising the Highlands  of Kashmir from the edges of the Highlands of Kashmir on the Kuen Lun Range to the area of Kathua in Jammu which legally acceded to the Union of India  and the Trans-Kuen Lun State of East Turkistan. The Republic of East Turkistan endorses and acknowledges the fact that the province of Kashmir is geographically a highlands province and hence

The territorial extent of Maryul in 1000 AD.
has two types of mountain Ranges which comprise part of the province. One the Main or Internal Mountain Range which is insofar as Kashmir is concerned is the Karakoram Mountain Range and the second, the Mountain Range at the edge of the Highlands of Kashmir which is insofar as Kashmir is concerned is the Kuen Lun Range and the historical  Inter-national Boundary between India and East Turkistan has always historically  been on the Mountain Range on the Edge of the Highlands of Kashmir viz. The Kuen Lun Range thus similar to the manner that The International Boundary of India with Tibet east of the Mayum-La is not on the Nyenchen Thanglha Range which is the Internal or Main Mountain Range in the Plateau of Tibet which forms the watershed of the Brahma Putra river in India  vis-à-vis  the Mountain Range on the edge of the Plateau of Tibet viz. the Great Himalaya Range which east of Mayum-La Marnyak-La forms the Boundary of India with Tibet..  

1. Commencing from its north-western extremity in  the area of Dafdar in the Taghdumbash Pamir, the northernmost part of the Republic of India, the boundary line runs from the northwest of Dafdar on

The territorial extent of Maryul in 1025 AD.
the line of water parting of the Kuen Lun Range separating  the Tashkurghan River from  the Mariong River and continues on the point of water Parting on the Kuen Lun Range via Zangar, Chang, Sargon, Mamkol and  Yashrab Passes and then crosses the  Raskam River and continues on the line of the water parting separating the Raskam River system including  the tributaries of the Raskam River inside the highlands of Kashmir viz. inter alia  the Kukalang and Kulanaldi Rivers  of the Raskam River System inside Kashmir which flows in Kashmir and enters East Turkistan in the area of Sanglash from  inter alia  the Ishakbulak, Tizuaf, Pokhpu, Dona Ustang, Achik, Tiznaf, Kokyar or Kilian Rivers  which have its source on the Kuen Lun Range and flows north into the Takla Makan  desert in the Tarim Basin in East Turkistan

2 The International Boundary will continue on the line of the water parting of the Kuen Lun Range and

The territorial extent of Maryul in 1100 AD.
pass through the Mountain Passes on the Kuen Lun Range separating India from East Turkistan like inter alia the Kukalang Pass, the Chirag Saldi Pass, the Yangi Pass, the Kilian Pass and the Sanju-La  Pass. 

3 From the aforesaid point of the Sanju-La Pass, the Inter-national boundary line runs from the Sanju-La Pass and crosses the Kara Kash River at a point east of Ali Nazar in Ladakh  and runs on the Hindu-tash Ridge which is a spur of the Kuen Lun Range to the historic  Hindu-tash Davan Pass in Ladakh and thence continues eastward on the Kuen Lun Range on the line (point ) of the water parting separating the Qara Qash and the Yarung Kash  from the rivers flowing north from the Kuen Lun Range like inter alia the Sanju, Pusha, Kashka Oghil, Genju, Nura, Karasu and Pisha Rivers.  

5 Thence, the boundary line continues and culminates at Pulu where the Kuen Lun Range in Kashmir and the Altyn Tagh Range on the edge of the Plateau of Tibet converge. Running southwest to northeast, the Altyn Tagh converges with the Kunlun range in Kashmir which runs southeast to northwest forming a "V" shape which converges at Pulu. 

Article 3 . The two parties have agreed that:

i) The boundary follows the Kuen Lun Range, the  water-parting line  of the Kuen Lun Range dividing the rivers systems flowing into the Raskam, Kara Kash, and the Yurung Kash River Systems  inside Kashmir on one side  from the Rivers flowing north from the Kuen Lun Range to the Tarim Basin in East Turkistan . 

ii) Wherever the boundary passes through a Davan (Pass) the water-parting line thereof shall be the boundary line.

Article 4.  One,  the two parties have agreed to set up, as soon as possible, a joint boundary demarcation commission. Each side will appoint a Chairman, one or more members and a certain number of advisers and technical staff. The joint boundary demarcation commission is charged with the responsibility in accordance with the provisions of the present agreement, to hold concrete discussions on and carry out the following tasks jointly.

1) To conduct necessary surveys of the boundary area on the ground, as stated in Article 2 of the present agreement so as to set up boundary markers at places considered to be appropriate by the two parties and to delineate the boundary line of the jointly prepared accurate maps.

To draft a protocol setting forth in detail the alignment of the entire boundary line and the location of all the boundary markers and prepare and get printed detailed maps, to be attached to the protocol, with the boundary line and the location of the boundary markers shown on them.

2) The aforesaid protocol, upon being signed by representatives of the governments of the two countries, shall become an annex to the present agreement, and the detailed maps shall replace the maps attached to the present agreement.

3) Upon the conclusion of the above-mentioned protocol, the tasks of the joint boundary demarcation commission shall be deemed to have been terminated.

Article 5.  The two parties reiterate that any doubts concerning the boundary which may arise after the delimitation of the boundary line actually existing between the two countries shall be resolved peacefully and amicably by the two parties through friendly consultations.

Article 6.  The two parties have agreed that after the inevitable independence of the sovereign State of East Turkistan, the de Jure Government of the independent and sovereign State of East Turkistan and India, will reiterate and uphold the Preliminary agreement signed by the de Jure Government of the Sovereign Republic of  East Turkistan-in-Exile as stated in Article 2 and ratify and confirm and sign a formal boundary treaty to replace the present preliminary agreement signed by the de jure Government of East Turkistan in Exile. 

Article 7 . The present agreement shall come into force on the date of its signature.

Done in triplicate in Berlin , Washington and Nav Dehli on the second day of August 2021, in the Uighur, Hindi and English languages, all the versions being equally authentic.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Ceasefire Line or the Line of Control in the Galwan Valley in western Ladakh has no sanctity whatsoever

The averment of the author, Colonel Rajinder Kushwaha in the article titled, "Avoiding War not the Option": Need for a China Specific Security Doctrine, that it was a blunder to purportedly sign border management agreements at different periods of time without demarcation of the LAC, both on the map as
well as the ground cannot be countenanced! The Lines of Control or Ceasefire Lines have no sanctity whatsoever and ought to be treated like dirt! To demarcate the line of Control would be tantamount to giving it a façade of legitimacy and the ominous precursor to the recognition of the same as the alleged International Boundary which is what the Chinese desperately desire, and that should be prevented at any cost and it is imperative that the line should always be vague and ambiguous, and the best manner would be to keep the Ceasefire Line or Line of Control replete with continuous tension and turbulence which is tantamount to making a political  statement that all the land beyond the Ceasefire Line including Nari-Khorsum and Shang Shung which are historically an inalienable and integral part of Ladakh or Maryul under Chinese military illegal occupation are also an integral and inalienable part of India which shall be liberated! Our inevitable goal is to liberate all the areas in the Cis-Kuen Lun Tract in Kashmir extending from the Chhogori Peak K2 in the
The northern International
 Boundary of India portrayed
 as an orange Line 
interior of Kashmir in the central part of Kashmir to the Dafdar in the Taghdumbash Pamir and Mariom Pamir in northern Kashmir and the Kukalang, Yangi, Kilian, Sanju-la and Hindutash Passes in Kashmir on the northern International Boundary of India. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Major Gaurav Arya and his ignorance of the history of the western province of Baluchistan

What occupation are you talking about, Major Gaurav Arya? In the channel called "Defensive Offence" and in the video titled, "Major Gaurav Arya in Conversation with Baloch Leader Hyrbyair Marri", Major Gaurav Arya says absurd things and talks irresponsibly. He says that the western province of Baluchistan in Pakistan is allegedly under Pakistani Occupation! Whereas, Baluchistan is historically an inalienable part of India and after Pakistan was created, as the  successor state, Baluchistan is an inalienable part of Pakistan.  No new Sovereign states will be permitted to be created in South Asia or The Sub-continent of India. In the unlikely event of the disintegration of Pakistan, Baluchistan shall summarily merge back into India. No other options. No new fake, spurious, bogus Sovereign states shall be permitted to be created in South Asia neither by hook
nor by crook at the behest of hostile alien foreign Intelligence Agencies colluding with anti-nationals in India camouflaged under the façade of Geostategists! The Mehrgarh Civilization is part of India’s Sindhu Valley Civilization, the glorious Shortugai - Shahr-e Sukhteh - Sutkagan Dor- Lothal Civilization of India.   Major Gaurav Arya, are you with some vested interest trying to separate the Mehrgarh Civilization in the Kachchhi plains, in Kalat in Baluchistan in Pakistan from the rest of the Sindhu Valley Civilization? Mr. Vaibhav Singh, Is this how you place India first in your channel Defensive Offence? Both of you need to apologise to the proud people of India for your anti-national act. It is disgusting and obnoxious. What nonsense are you talking? To what low can you stoop? Are you out of your mind? And the Baluch who intruded into what is now Baluchistan and Seistan  from Kaman in northern or Northwestern Persia in around  the 11th Century have nothing whatsoever to do with India's ancient indigenous Indus Valley Civilization of Baluchistan. Nor do they have anything whatsoever to do with the glorious Sarasvati Civilization of the Helmand or Hindmand Basin in Sistan. Mr. Hyrbyair  Marri, the ambassador of the Mehergarh Civilization? Even, Mr. Marri is flabbergasted and cannot believe his ears when you say such absurd and ridiculous things!  These nomadic people who came from Kaman in the Caspian Sea coast of Persia or from Aleppo in the 11th Century don't inherit the Mehrgarh Civilization, the glorious Shortugai - Shahr-e Sukhteh - Sutkagan Dor- Lothal Civilization of India which is per se  India's Civilization.  During the seventh century, The Balus had not yet entered Makran but had entered only by the eleventh century. Baluchistan was inhabited by Indian communities loosely categorised as Zutt i.e.  Jat who were predominantly Hindu or Buddhist and the whole of Baluchistan was predominantly non-Persian.  The Balus migrated from Kaman in northern or Northwestern Persia some time around the tenth century  when they appeared in Kirman. Then under pressure from the Seljuks, these  nomads they moved eastward and encroached and entered India across the Sarhad Range separating India from Persia into what is now Sijistan and Baluchistan in western India where they superimposed themselves upon the indigenous Indian Brahui population and also drove out the other Indian communities away. If the Baluch want a sovereign state, they can go back to Kaman on the Caspian Sea coast or even  Aleppo in Syria and create one there, not in the western province of Baluchistan in Pakistan! Mr. Hyrbyair  Marri, the name Sindh mentioned in the National anthem of India is comprehensive and all-embracing and also historically includes the western province of and Baluchistan and Sijistan or Sistan in Afghanistan so you need not worry about India's National Anthem. If you and your followers are so upset about calling yourself Pakistani, you and your followers can get deported en masse  to Kaman by the Caspian Sea or wherever you like outside the Sub-continent of India and proclaim a sovereign state in that place. Like you, Major Gaurav Arya reiterated, if anyone took arms against the Indian state, he will not be spared. The same is applicable to any part of Pakistan, including the provinces of Panjab and Baluchistan. Baluchistan can have the option of either remaining in Pakistan or merging with India in the remote unlikely event of the disintegration of Pakistan. As you, Major Gaurav Arya reiterated, there is only an Indian Nation and nationalism, not  regional nationalism. You did not  tell him to his face that India rejects the two nation theory and would he as the alleged representative of a section of the people of the western province of Baluchistan like to remain part of  Pakistan or accede to India as no new Sovereign states will be permitted to be created in South Asia or the Sub-continent of India? Instead, rather you were nodding your head like a doll to whatever he said  without understanding the ramifications and repercussions of what he was saying to the effect that he was claiming parity of the western province of Baluchistan as an allegedly sovereign state on par with the rest of India which is not possible in the Sub-continent of India, but may be possible in Kaman or Aleppo! Major, Gaurav Arya, Your entire demeanor was that of a subservient and servile person nodding your head like a doll to what all gibberish this Mr. Hyrbyair  Marri was talking! Finally you were talking about intellectuals in India who lived in an Utopia and needed to be sorted out! I am a Pan South Asian Nationalist and believe in the eminent and eventual impending reunification of South Asia or the Sub-continent of India including the western provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan in Pakistan and I will oppose any creation of any more new fake spurious bogus sovereign states. How are you going to sort that out? Perhaps the Intelligence Agencies of the alien foreign hostile countries ( and I don't need to tell you who they are, surely) whose diabolical conspiracy and nefarious gameplan is to create additional new fake bogus and spurious so-called Sovereign states in the sub-continent of India in order to prevent India from becoming a global super power would help you out? They would, wouldn't they (help you to sort out) ?