Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A proposal for the joint defence of the Indian Sub-continent made in the year 1959 by President Ayub Khan

Imagine a common South Asian Army defending the external Inter-national borders of the Sub-continent of India, say at the Kuen Lun border of Kashmir at Kukalang in Kanjut, rather than the armies of India and Pakistan fighting each other at Kargil! It could just have happened...

‘The crux of the whole matter was that the armies of both the countries were continuing to face each other when they could have been released to defend their respective territories’….’the need to have a joint defence originates from the basic fact that India and Pakistan lived in the same region which had to be defended after an understanding between the people of the two countries’…if we ‘disengage our armed forces from facing inwards as they do today, and face them outward , I feel we shall have a good chance of preventing a recurrence of the history of the past, which was that whenever this sub continent was divided –and often it was divided –some one or the other invited an outsider to step in’.

Proposal for the joint defence of the Indian Sub-continent made by President Ayub Khan In the year 1959 which he repeated in the year 1960, ab initio and point blank rejected by Nehru to avoid antagonising relations, albeit servile, with China, even at the cost of our own South Asian solidarity!

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