Sunday, December 23, 2012

India should be weary of the deceit of the Government of The United States

During her visit to Guwahati last week, the US ambassador to India, Nancy Powell, reportedly said that the US acknowledges the McMahon Line as the legitimate border between India and China. “What matters is the context”, says C. Raja Mohan. According to him, An American scholar, Jeff M.Smith, who has recently purportedly published a brief account of how the Kennedy administration decided to back India against China on the McMahon Line, in 1962, the US Ambassador to India, John Kenneth Galbraith pressed Washington to endorse Delhi’s territorial claims on the North East Frontier Agency (NEFA), since renamed as Arunachal Pradesh. The US State Department was reluctant and instead proposed a “study” of the issue, a classic bureaucratic device to delay and deny change! Galbraith would not give up and got President John F. Kennedy to overrule the State Department. Smith tells us that Galbraith was not convinced of India’s claims of sovereignty over Aksai Chin. Washington’s current position is that Aksai Chin is a disputed area that is claimed by India but administered by China. This policy of the United States only exposes the deceit of the United States. It wants to purportedly support India over Arunachal Pradesh only at the cost of India’s sovereignty over Aksai Chin, an integral and inalienable part of India, though there is no dearth of evidence to prove that the Aksai Chin area has always been an integral part of India and the reason why in spite of all the evidence that the Chinese have not an iota of claim over the Kuen Lun border area of Kashmir, Galbraith is allegedly not convinced only proves his deceit and ulterior intentions. He is only echoing and espousing the wishes of the Chinese who want an exchange of one integral and inalienable historic part of India viz the Aksai Chin with another integral and inalienable part of India viz. the Assam Himalaya while seemingly supporting India. This is clearly not going to happen. When C. Raja Mohan says, “What matters is the context”, It can only be  this deceitful  and treacherous policy of purportedly supporting India while actually colluding with the Chinese. And India should be vigilant and not be  fooled by the Government of the United States and should respond to such attitude with contempt. If the United States purports to support India, it should be unconditional and not piecemeal and not on a quid pro quo basis! They will have to be clear and precise as to who their friend is and who their enemy is. Pertinently, the so called McMahon Line was deliberately drawn by the English in accordance with their game plan along the foothills rather than along the watershed to deliberately give India a bad border in the north east. And the so-called McMahon Line is only an ad hoc and temporary line of control and the actual border between Tibet and India will have to be delineated and demarcated along the crests which form the water shed of the Assam Himalayas.

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