Monday, May 13, 2013

The perversion and deceit of the publishers of The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World

The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World has in several editions published a map of Afghanistan, Pakistan and north western India. In the said map,  The purported western borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan  are depicted in a cramped and congested manner and are displayed extending  beyond the regular edges of the map and the map of Kashmir is depicted in inset maps rather than as a complete and comprehensive  single map so that the viewer does not have the benefit of viewing  a complete bird's eye full view of the entire  area! The Times Atlas of The World  is a genius of such perverted deceit! The Hindutash  and the Sanju-la Passes  in north eastern Kashmir  are  not depicted as part of Kashmir though the very same Times Atlas of the World had previously depicted the  Hindutash Pass as part of Kashmir in 1900! In this 1959  map, they have the audacity to draw two lines with the caption “undefined frontier” between them but even in this 1959 map the Hindutash and Sanju-la  Passes  are  not depicted as part of Kashmir and the international border is not depicted on the Kuen Lun range in that area even as an alleged extreme view of the border not withstanding the fact that they have portrayed two lines allegedly showing the two extreme positions and the border is shown arbitrarily shifting from the Kuen lun range to the Kara Kash river after the Kukalang and Yangi Dawan passes in northern Kashmir instead of naturally continuing along the Kilian and Sanju-la  passes in northern Kashmir
proceeding to the Hindutash pass in northern Kashmir in deviation of the principle involved viz the fact that historically  the territory  of  Kashmir extends to the Kuen Lun range at the edges of the highlands of Kashmir wherein are the Kukalang, Yangi, Kilian, Sanju-la and Hindutash passes in northern Kashmir,  as though there was absolutely  no legal basis, or justification or

precedents whatsoever for depicting the Sanju-la and the Hindutash Passes in northern Kashmir as part of Kashmir by
 depicting the northern  international border of Kashmir on the Kuen Lun range!  The Gazetteer of Kashmir and Ladák published in 1890 Compiled under the direction of the Quarter Master General in India in the Intelligence Branch in fact unequivocally states that Khotán is “a province in the Chinese Empire lying to the north of the Eastern Kuenlun range, which here forms the boundary of Ladák” and  “The eastern range forms the southern boundary of Khotán, and is crossed by two passes, the  Yangi or Elchi Díwan, crossed in 1865 by Johnson and the Hindútak Díwan, crossed by Robert Schlagentweit in 1857”.

So what has changed legally in the period of interregnum between 1900 and 1947 or 2013?  Was there any valid cession of territory? This, when it is the present stance of the Times Atlas of the World that the legal status of the entire territory of Jammu and Kashmir is disputed!   In this 1959 map due to their diabolical conspiracy and game plan and obvious collusion with the Chinese against India with  ulterior motives and intentions they have not shown the whole of Kashmir comprehensively as a single comprehensive map so that the viewer does not view a complete bird's eye full view of the area, but have maliciously depicted a part of Kashmir as an inset with a view to avoid displaying the area of  Hindutash in Kashmir altogether and due to this ulterior motive, they had been constrained to depict the legend  “Jammu & Kashmir”  in the area of Aksai Chin in the aforesaid  inset map. But the very same Times Atlas of the World now inter alia  in the Post 2000 A.D.  editions depict the very same  Aksai Chin area in Kashmir as either a disputed area or even allegedly  a part of “China”,  rather than depicting the area of Aksai Chin  as an integral part of Kashmir pure and simple  under blatant illegal Chinese armed military occupation. Obviously the shameless and malicious perverted publishers of the Times Atlas of the World have no morals or sense of propriety!

In the map titled “Changes of Sovereignty since World War II”, the black line depicting  “Territory ceded or Annexed  since 1939” is not shown slightly extended towards the Hindutash, Sanju –la and Kilian and the line is shown depicted along the Khunjarab and Mintaka passes deep inside Kashmir rather than  to the north of Beyik depicting the Taghdumbash Pamir and Dafdar as part of Kashmir and the border of Kashmir with the Russian Empire or Soviet Union as it was at the time of the
accession of Kashmir to the union of India and the period pertaining to the  commencement of  the Constitution of India as stipulated in Entry 15 in the First Schedule of the Constitution on India.  And in the maps titled “Physical Earth” depicting the relief maps of the various continents, the legend Sub-continent of India is conspicuous in its absence and is  nowhere to be seen extending from the Vaksh and Hindukush  to the Lakshadvipa and the Chagos archipelago. Nor is the legend Tibetan Plateau or Tibet shown extended to the Amdo and Tsaidam in north eastern Tibet though the legend British Isles is nevertheless portrayed to the West of Ireland.  
By treacherously and deceitfully not depicting the border on the  ridge wherein the Kilian, Sanju-la and Hindutash passes in Kashmir are situate, particularly when two frontier lines were depicted with the legend “undefined frontier” in between, way back in 1959, the Times Atlas has forfeited an opportunity to place on record truth pertaining to the territorial extent of Kashmir which it can never undo and for which it will never be able to make amends and compensate, and  The Times Atlas can only expect  from India eternal hatred and detest.



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