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Letter to the Editor, Indian Express on Mr. C.Raja Mohan

Letter to the Editor, Indian Express

Apropos the article titled 'Why Delhi's ready with red carpet for Governor of a Chinese province', The New Indian Express dated Sunday October 10 2004 by C.Raja Mohan, some of Mr. C.Raja Mohan's unscrupulous and antinational statements need to be pointed out and condemned. By stating that 'The closest parallel that would help explain the political significance of Tiliwaldi's visit would be, say, a trip to Beijing by the Chief Minister of J&K, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed!', he is with ulterior motives, maliciously and wilfully equating Kashmir which is intrinsically an integral and inalienable part of India with East Turkistan which is under the illegal and military occupation of China and is called by them as Xinjiang, when as a matter of fact Kashmir can at the most be compared with Shansi or Shensi , the Muslim majority areas in extreme far north west China. It is only a question of time when the Indian Government will extend moral and diplomatic support and recognition to the indigenous struggle of the people of East Turkistan for Independence and freedom from the brutal illegal Chinese occupation. The struggle for independence going on in East Turkistan is no more a manifestation of Islamic Extremism or Terrorism than the struggle for independence in occupied Tibet, a Buddhist terrorist Struggle. China cannot be permitted to take advantage of the current war being waged against Al-Qaida and Taliban by the territories like the United States, to its own advantage to undermine the indigenous and just struggle of the East
Turkistanis for independence from the illegal and brutal military occupation by China and the blatant violation of Human Rights of the people of East Turkistan, to her own advantage, and to perpetrate her own illegal occupation of East Turkistan. Mr. Ismail Tiliwaldi, should rather be told unequivocally and in no uncertain terms of India's solidarity with the people of East Turkistan in their just struggle for East Turkistan and that their Human Rights including right to assemble and to express their views peacefully should be protected. It is common Knowledge that China has not an iota of claim over East Turkistan with which she does not share even a common border. Just like Western Turkistan, the other remaining part of Turkistan consisting of the Central Asian States of the former Soviet Union including Khazakhistan became independent, East Turkistan also will eventually become Independent. Mr. C. Raja Mohan by stating that 'The Aksai Chin plateau, an extension of Ladakh to the east, is now part of Xinjiang. So is the Shaksgam valley in J&K ceded by Pakistan to China in 1963', has wilfully made unscrupulous Anti-national statement as though India's Beloved pride, the Aksai Chin area an integral and inalienable part of Ladakh in Kashmir extending from the Kuen lun Range in Kashmir wherein are situate inter alia the Kilian Pass including Kathaithum,Sanju and Hindutash in Kashmir, is a part of 'China'.

Mr. Raja Mohan makes arbitrary, unilateral and unscrupulous statements when he states that Aksai Chin 'an extension of Ladakh to the east, is now part of Xinjiang. So is the Shaksgam valley in J&K ceded by Pakistan to China in 1963'. While he point blank illegally states that Aksai Chin is 'part of China', He states that the Shaksgam valley in 'J&K', what ever he means by 'J&K', is a part of 'China'. How can the Shaksgam valley which is situate in Baltistan south of the Raskam area in Kanjut and the Kukalang pass on the International border of India with East Turkistan be simultaneously part of both 'J&K' and China? Besides his statement that 'New Delhi could head east in Ladakh and connect up with Tibet-Xinjiang Highway and access Kashgar to the north west…. Given the sensitive territorial questions in play, Indian decisions to use these routes would require strong political will' is obnoxious and anti national. The only strong political will that is now required is to reiterate that the territorial integrity of Kashmir is paramount and sacred and will and can never be compromised and not a needle point of Kashmir's territory on our side of the Kuenlun Range in Kashmir on which are situate the Kukalang pass north of Bazardara in Raskam in Kanjut, Yangi north of Kulanaldi in Kanjut, Kilian including Kathaithum north of Shahidullah in Ladakh, Sanju pass north of Ali Nazar and Hindutash 36.20N 78.45E, Kuenlun, India north of Sumgal in Ladakh will be given to the Chinese and all the aforesaid area of Kashmir under illegal Chinese occupation shall be liberated. The so called Tibet-Xinjiang Highway referred to is the Pan Kashmir Highway that the Chinese have constructed in Pakistan-Occupied and China Occupied parts of Kashmir, running through Gilgit in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, and through Bazar Dara and Kulanaldi in the Raskam area of Kanjut in the area in Kashmir under Chinese illegal military occupation, and through Shahidullah in Ladakh, Portash, Sumgal, Sumnal and Thaldat and other areas of Aksai Chin in Ladakh along the Gomati or Karakash Valley in north eastern Kashmir, much of which area is exquisite given the fact that not a blade of grass grows in the area is a wilderness area. The so called 'Border' talks between India and China currently going on when India's position is that of a vanquished country whose territory is under illegal occupation, and her position is subservient, is obnoxious and an exercise in futility.

The rapid economic integration and physical connectivity between East Turkistan and the rest of Turkistan can only expedite the ultimate and eventual emotional political unification of the whole of Turkistan area which was illegally and arbitrarily partitioned by the Russian and Chinese empires. Russia, however treated Western Turkistan as separate Republics in the Soviet Union and not part of Russia, while China pretended as though East Turkistan was part of China. The Kuldja incident of 1871 is a famous facet in the rivalry between Russia and China, two alien powers to occupy and control Turkistan.

The people of East Turkistan have never had territorial dispute with India and the people of East Turkistan have always regarded the high and mighty Kuenlun range as the natural southern border of their Country and what ever happened south of the mighty Kuenlun range in the highlands of Kashmir had nothing to do with them and was an internal affair of India. Eventually East Turkistan will become Independent like she was briefly until 1877 under the East Turkistani national hero Yaqub Beg, and then India should demarcate her boundary with East Turkistan on the Kuenlun Range. Yes, indeed, 'When the Indian establishment serenades 'Governor' of China's Xinjiang province Ismail Tiliwaldi in the capital next week, it will revive deeply embedded memories from the past- and hold a promise to a bold new future' in ways more than one. Such unscrupulous persons like Mr. Raja Mohan should not be permitted to write and make Anti National statements and get away with it. The crux of the issue is that there is no Nationalist press in India unlike in other countries where the Press protects and espouses the cause of their own respective countries. In India it is different! When the foreign press draws goes berserk and draws anti-Indian maps, the press in India should be paying them with the same coin. But the so called Indian Press itself wilfully depicts Anti-Indian Maps and the Indian press works for and sub serves the interests of hostile Anti-Indian western Countries, and China, and depicts anti-Indian maps with impunity.

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