Wednesday, June 11, 2008

'The Hindu', India's Anti-national News Paper

Response to this

Why save The Hindu? The Hindu India's Anti-National Newspaper is consistently anti-Indian! The Paper blatantly and maliciously with ulterior motives illegally depicts maps showing parts of India including inter alia India's beloved sacred Aksai Chin wherein is the Hindutash pass in the Kuen Lun range 36.20N 78.45E, in northern Kashmir as part of the illegal Chinese empire with impunity, has depicted Sikkim in north eastern India as an independent Country and Arunachal Pradesh as a disputed area in its maps, states that the Chinese occupied parts of India should be given to the Chinese, and that these integral and inalienable parts of Kashmir like the Kuen Lun range and Aksai Chin are historically allegedly not a part of Kashmir, and more recently (Dec 02, 2007 Colours of Paradise, Postcard from Pakistan ) stated that Gilgit and Hunza in northern Kashmir in India is a part of Pakistan and also consistently supports the Chinese ab-initio illegal and obnoxious occupation of Tibet and East Turkistan. All this is part of a bigger game plan and wider diabolical conspiracy and the same should be investigated and exposed. All this has been possible because of the ignorance of the educated and literate Indians including the students who are blissfully ignorant about map reading and the territorial integrity of our beloved country. If such a thing happened in a European country, the outraged nationals particularly students would have spontaneously stormed the premises and taught the owners a lesson. Instead the owners of the ‘Hindu’ have been permitted to amass huge wealth by selling such thrash and falsities to the ignorant Indians. The paper also supports the dominance of English in India and undermines the status of Hindi and suggests that English is an Indian language! The paper also insists in using the colonial spellings for place names in India like Kutch instead of Kachchh. Other so called Indian Papers also does the same but this obnoxious one has the audacity to call itself India’s National News Paper. Disgusting and nauseating. Pooh

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