Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let's take strategic high ground: Wen

Response dated 12-04-2005 at 2233 hours IST to the statement of the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Apr 04, 2005 that India and China handle their relations from a ‘‘strategic high ground’’

Of course India must consider her relationship with China on the principle of ‘Strategic High ground’ particularly the High ground in the Kuen lun range in Kashmir. While India must consider all peaceful means for the peaceful liberation of all the areas occupied by China including the area in Kashmir on our side of the Kuen lun range in Kashmir India cannot wait eternally for the Chinese to vacate the illegal occupation of this inalienable and sacred part of India, and will have to find alternate means to make the Chinese vacate this inalienable and sacred part of India .

Friday, November 14, 2008

Arunachal Pradesh, an inalienable part of India

One has to understand the perverted mentality of an alien brutal military occupying power to appreciate the antics of China! I am referring to the recent expression of regret by a Chinese diplomat to the statement of External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee that Arunachal was a part of India. An occupying force that she is, China wants to appropriate as part of Tibet any territory except those that are intrinsically and inherently part of Tibet. She claims Arunachal Pradesh which is beyond the Tibetan Plateau and thus also not geographically a part of Tibet , as part of occupied Tibet but illegally and blatantly denies the fact that inter alia Altyn Tagh, Tsinghai, Tsang, Amdo and Kham, which are intrinsically and inherently part of Tibet, and also historically an inalienable part of Tibet and also geographically a part of Tibet, are parts of Tibet. This is because China wants to illegally retain as much of Tibet as possible even when Tibet becomes independent in the future. Similarly China has clubbed occupied Aksai Chin to the south of Hindutash in Ladakh in Kashmir with East Turkistan and not with adjacent Tibet despite the cultural links between Kashmir and Tibet and the geographical contiguity of Ladakh and Tibet, because they envisage that It will be Tibet that first becomes independent ahead of East Turkistan and in their estimation, and scheme of things, they will be able perpetrate the occupation East Turkistan for a longer period of time! India too should reiterate that Khotan to the north of the Hindutash pass in the Kuen Lun range in Kashmir is historically part of India and demand the return of Khotan back to India.

If the Chinese have the audacity to claim Arunachal Pradesh, India should also vehemently reiterate that Khotan to the north of the Hindutash pass in the Kuen Lun range in Kashmir is historically part of India and demand the return of Khotan back to India. The horrible and outrageous antics of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and J.N. Dixit in their effort to “clinch” a deal with the Chinese and “solve” the border issue gave me nightmares and cold sweat ,but luckily India was saved then from their impending “achievement” .

The proud Nation of India should demand that the so-called border talks with China be called off . The same is a nullity, is ab initio illegal,under duress,ultra vires the Constitution of India, and null and void and any agreement with China will be illegal, and null and void and is clandestine and surreptitious, and is solely meant to serve the purpose of China and is based on subservience and will be repudiated by the proud people of India. The Government of India should reiterate the liberation of all occupied parts of Kashmir including India's beloved Aksai Chin and the Kuen Lun range in northern Kashmir wherein are situate Dafdar in the Taghdumbash Pamir area in northern Kashmir, Kukalang Pass north of Bazar Dara in Kanjut in Kashmir, Yangi Pass north of Kulanaldi in the Raskam area of Kanjut in Kashmir, Kilian including Khathaithum in Kashmir, Sanju north of Ali Nazar in Kashmir and Hindutash Pass north of Sumgal in Ladakh in north eastern Kashmir, now presently under Chinese illegal military occupation

But with the Government of India , subservient and absolutely bereft of Convictions and any motivation to protect the territorial integrity of India and with well dressed subservient Indian morons and buffoons purportedly on behalf of India holding farcical and ab initio illegal border talks with the Chinese which are null and void , Indians will have to wake up and only a veritable revolution can save India!

I warn that The so called Border talks with China is only going to precipitate the mess and create a situation where Indians will have to undo the mess by denouncing and repudiating the so called agreement reached with China. I have already sent communications to the Prime Minister of India stating the aforesaid facts. I request all patriotic Indians to do the same. Jai Hind.