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Letter to the Editor, Indian Express on Mr. C.Raja Mohan

Letter to the Editor, Indian Express

Apropos the article titled 'Why Delhi's ready with red carpet for Governor of a Chinese province', The New Indian Express dated Sunday October 10 2004 by C.Raja Mohan, some of Mr. C.Raja Mohan's unscrupulous and antinational statements need to be pointed out and condemned. By stating that 'The closest parallel that would help explain the political significance of Tiliwaldi's visit would be, say, a trip to Beijing by the Chief Minister of J&K, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed!', he is with ulterior motives, maliciously and wilfully equating Kashmir which is intrinsically an integral and inalienable part of India with East Turkistan which is under the illegal and military occupation of China and is called by them as Xinjiang, when as a matter of fact Kashmir can at the most be compared with Shansi or Shensi , the Muslim majority areas in extreme far north west China. It is only a question of time when the Indian Government will extend moral and diplomatic support and recognition to the indigenous struggle of the people of East Turkistan for Independence and freedom from the brutal illegal Chinese occupation. The struggle for independence going on in East Turkistan is no more a manifestation of Islamic Extremism or Terrorism than the struggle for independence in occupied Tibet, a Buddhist terrorist Struggle. China cannot be permitted to take advantage of the current war being waged against Al-Qaida and Taliban by the territories like the United States, to its own advantage to undermine the indigenous and just struggle of the East
Turkistanis for independence from the illegal and brutal military occupation by China and the blatant violation of Human Rights of the people of East Turkistan, to her own advantage, and to perpetrate her own illegal occupation of East Turkistan. Mr. Ismail Tiliwaldi, should rather be told unequivocally and in no uncertain terms of India's solidarity with the people of East Turkistan in their just struggle for East Turkistan and that their Human Rights including right to assemble and to express their views peacefully should be protected. It is common Knowledge that China has not an iota of claim over East Turkistan with which she does not share even a common border. Just like Western Turkistan, the other remaining part of Turkistan consisting of the Central Asian States of the former Soviet Union including Khazakhistan became independent, East Turkistan also will eventually become Independent. Mr. C. Raja Mohan by stating that 'The Aksai Chin plateau, an extension of Ladakh to the east, is now part of Xinjiang. So is the Shaksgam valley in J&K ceded by Pakistan to China in 1963', has wilfully made unscrupulous Anti-national statement as though India's Beloved pride, the Aksai Chin area an integral and inalienable part of Ladakh in Kashmir extending from the Kuen lun Range in Kashmir wherein are situate inter alia the Kilian Pass including Kathaithum,Sanju and Hindutash in Kashmir, is a part of 'China'.

Mr. Raja Mohan makes arbitrary, unilateral and unscrupulous statements when he states that Aksai Chin 'an extension of Ladakh to the east, is now part of Xinjiang. So is the Shaksgam valley in J&K ceded by Pakistan to China in 1963'. While he point blank illegally states that Aksai Chin is 'part of China', He states that the Shaksgam valley in 'J&K', what ever he means by 'J&K', is a part of 'China'. How can the Shaksgam valley which is situate in Baltistan south of the Raskam area in Kanjut and the Kukalang pass on the International border of India with East Turkistan be simultaneously part of both 'J&K' and China? Besides his statement that 'New Delhi could head east in Ladakh and connect up with Tibet-Xinjiang Highway and access Kashgar to the north west…. Given the sensitive territorial questions in play, Indian decisions to use these routes would require strong political will' is obnoxious and anti national. The only strong political will that is now required is to reiterate that the territorial integrity of Kashmir is paramount and sacred and will and can never be compromised and not a needle point of Kashmir's territory on our side of the Kuenlun Range in Kashmir on which are situate the Kukalang pass north of Bazardara in Raskam in Kanjut, Yangi north of Kulanaldi in Kanjut, Kilian including Kathaithum north of Shahidullah in Ladakh, Sanju pass north of Ali Nazar and Hindutash 36.20N 78.45E, Kuenlun, India north of Sumgal in Ladakh will be given to the Chinese and all the aforesaid area of Kashmir under illegal Chinese occupation shall be liberated. The so called Tibet-Xinjiang Highway referred to is the Pan Kashmir Highway that the Chinese have constructed in Pakistan-Occupied and China Occupied parts of Kashmir, running through Gilgit in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, and through Bazar Dara and Kulanaldi in the Raskam area of Kanjut in the area in Kashmir under Chinese illegal military occupation, and through Shahidullah in Ladakh, Portash, Sumgal, Sumnal and Thaldat and other areas of Aksai Chin in Ladakh along the Gomati or Karakash Valley in north eastern Kashmir, much of which area is exquisite given the fact that not a blade of grass grows in the area is a wilderness area. The so called 'Border' talks between India and China currently going on when India's position is that of a vanquished country whose territory is under illegal occupation, and her position is subservient, is obnoxious and an exercise in futility.

The rapid economic integration and physical connectivity between East Turkistan and the rest of Turkistan can only expedite the ultimate and eventual emotional political unification of the whole of Turkistan area which was illegally and arbitrarily partitioned by the Russian and Chinese empires. Russia, however treated Western Turkistan as separate Republics in the Soviet Union and not part of Russia, while China pretended as though East Turkistan was part of China. The Kuldja incident of 1871 is a famous facet in the rivalry between Russia and China, two alien powers to occupy and control Turkistan.

The people of East Turkistan have never had territorial dispute with India and the people of East Turkistan have always regarded the high and mighty Kuenlun range as the natural southern border of their Country and what ever happened south of the mighty Kuenlun range in the highlands of Kashmir had nothing to do with them and was an internal affair of India. Eventually East Turkistan will become Independent like she was briefly until 1877 under the East Turkistani national hero Yaqub Beg, and then India should demarcate her boundary with East Turkistan on the Kuenlun Range. Yes, indeed, 'When the Indian establishment serenades 'Governor' of China's Xinjiang province Ismail Tiliwaldi in the capital next week, it will revive deeply embedded memories from the past- and hold a promise to a bold new future' in ways more than one. Such unscrupulous persons like Mr. Raja Mohan should not be permitted to write and make Anti National statements and get away with it. The crux of the issue is that there is no Nationalist press in India unlike in other countries where the Press protects and espouses the cause of their own respective countries. In India it is different! When the foreign press draws goes berserk and draws anti-Indian maps, the press in India should be paying them with the same coin. But the so called Indian Press itself wilfully depicts Anti-Indian Maps and the Indian press works for and sub serves the interests of hostile Anti-Indian western Countries, and China, and depicts anti-Indian maps with impunity.

NDTV’s Anti -Indian mentality

In the News item from New York from NDTV’s reporter one Maya Mirchandani on the subject of Musharaf at U.N., dated 16 Friday September 2005, The aforesaid reporter with an ulterior motive and part of a diabolical conspiracy, not having the best interests of neither India or even Pakistan, spoke about the possibility of inter alia Umar Abdullah traveling across the LOC and into “ the rest of Pakistan”. The item was repeatedly telecast. This is yet another instance of the Anti National Character of the NDTV, which also shows maps of the Kashmir interalia depicting the areas Kashmir illegally given by Pakistan to the Chinese occupiers of East Turkistan extending from K2 and Shaksgam in the interior of Kashmir to Kukalang Pass in northern Kashmir on the Kuenlun area in northern Kashmir. This is being willfully done because of NDTV’s Anti -Indian mentality. However nothing is going to change the fact that the northern border of Kashmir is on the Kuenlun Range to the north of Dafdar in Kanjut, Kukalang pass to the north of Bazardara in Raskam in Kanjut, Yangi pass to the north of Kulanaldi in Raskam in Kanjut, Kilian including Khathaithum to the north of Shahidullah in Ladakh, Sanju to the north of Ali Nazar in Ladakh, Hindutash Pass to the north of Sumgal in Ladakh in India's beloved pride, the Aksai Chin area in north eastern Kashmir. India is going to liberate this sacred inalienable area of Kashmir under blatant Chinese illegal military occupation no matter what NDTVdoes, and whether they like it or not. Even if the Indian Government engages in whimsical and subservient so called ‘border’ talks with the Chinese.

NDTV’s reporter has arbitrarily and illegally suo motto described an area which includes Gilgit and Dafdar which are an integral and inalienable part of India as stated in the Constitution of India, as part of Pakistan

Do they have the insolence to think or are they so naïve to think that we Indians do not under stand or do not comprehend the meaning of what they say? And that they can get away with what they say. And they also do not care. How dare she says such things as though Kashmir is her personal property!

India should storm NDTV’s premises, confiscate the premises And put them behind bars and the said Maya Mirchandani should not be allowed to report as a journalist and should be prosecuted and action should be taken against her and her lot in accordance with law.

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'The Hindu', India's Anti-national News Paper

Response to this

Why save The Hindu? The Hindu India's Anti-National Newspaper is consistently anti-Indian! The Paper blatantly and maliciously with ulterior motives illegally depicts maps showing parts of India including inter alia India's beloved sacred Aksai Chin wherein is the Hindutash pass in the Kuen Lun range 36.20N 78.45E, in northern Kashmir as part of the illegal Chinese empire with impunity, has depicted Sikkim in north eastern India as an independent Country and Arunachal Pradesh as a disputed area in its maps, states that the Chinese occupied parts of India should be given to the Chinese, and that these integral and inalienable parts of Kashmir like the Kuen Lun range and Aksai Chin are historically allegedly not a part of Kashmir, and more recently (Dec 02, 2007 Colours of Paradise, Postcard from Pakistan ) stated that Gilgit and Hunza in northern Kashmir in India is a part of Pakistan and also consistently supports the Chinese ab-initio illegal and obnoxious occupation of Tibet and East Turkistan. All this is part of a bigger game plan and wider diabolical conspiracy and the same should be investigated and exposed. All this has been possible because of the ignorance of the educated and literate Indians including the students who are blissfully ignorant about map reading and the territorial integrity of our beloved country. If such a thing happened in a European country, the outraged nationals particularly students would have spontaneously stormed the premises and taught the owners a lesson. Instead the owners of the ‘Hindu’ have been permitted to amass huge wealth by selling such thrash and falsities to the ignorant Indians. The paper also supports the dominance of English in India and undermines the status of Hindi and suggests that English is an Indian language! The paper also insists in using the colonial spellings for place names in India like Kutch instead of Kachchh. Other so called Indian Papers also does the same but this obnoxious one has the audacity to call itself India’s National News Paper. Disgusting and nauseating. Pooh

Survey of India

You should know that the Survey of India has been illegally depicting inter alia the border of Kashmir wrongly and depicting large of areas in Kashmir illegally as not part of India. At the time of the accession of the princely state of Kashmir to the rest of India, Kashmir extended to the water shed of the Kuen Lun range in the edge of the highlands of Kashmir, and also beyond. Nehru himself conceded this. To quote Nehru himself from his telegram dated 26 October, 1947 to the British Prime Minister, Clement Attlee, he says, "Kashmir's Northern frontiers, as you are aware, run in common with those of three countries, Afghanistan, `the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics' and `China' ". This is only possible only because inter alia Dafdar in the Taghdumbash Pamir in Kanjut is part of Kashmir. The territorial extent of the State of Kashmir is as stipulated in Entry 15 in the First Schedule of the Constitution of India. Two maps, viz. The official maps attached to the White Papers published in July 1948 and February 1950 by the Government of India's Ministry of States, headed , incidentally, by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, under the authority of India's Surveyor General G.F.Heaney give them the legal status to determine the extent of the State of Kashmir as stipulated in Entry 15 in the First Schedule of the Constitution on India. The said official maps presented with the White Papers prove that the northern border of Kashmir with East Turkistan at the time of the accession of the state to the Union of India was on the Kuen Lun Range, the natural and historic border of Kashmir with neighbouring Trans-Kuen Lun State of East Turkistan.

Pertinently, it is imperative to note that areas shown in colour in the aforesaid maps includes areas which are illegally not depicted as part of Kashmir by the present office of the Surveyor General of India presently. Also pertinently, though only part of the 1948 map of Kashmir is shown in colour, the caption or legend Gilgit Agency is depicted well, extending to the areas of Kashmir not shown in colour, to the area to the east of 76 degrees East Longitude beyond the Aghail and Karakoram ranges and beyond the Raskam river within the area of Kanjut, near the Kuen lun range and Mariom and Taghdumbash Pamir, i.e. the area which at present is illegally not depicted as part of Kashmir by the Surveyer General of India , which unequivocally, and with out an iota of doubt proves that even those areas of Kashmir not shown in colour up to the Kuen Lun range are integral and inalienable parts of Kashmir. If there had been any apprehension or ambiguity about the territorial extent of Kashmir, then the captions or legends Gilgit Agency and Kashmir would definitely not have been shown extending beyond the area shown in colour. It is even explicitly admitted by the Government of India in its publication, viz., `Atlas of the northern frontiers of India', wherein it is stated in the map at page 20 that the British cartographers gave a dark shade for areas only where they had their jurisdiction and in the rest of India, only a lighter shade was used. The very same publication also portrays an ancient old Chinese map which depicts the southern boundary of East Turkistan with India along the Kuen Lun Range. But however, the Survey of India, hand in glove in collusion with the Chinese, illegally depicts the northern border of India illegally at the Mintaka and Khunjerab passes and not to the north of Dafdar and on the Kuen Lun range in northern Kashmir inter alia on the Kukalang north of Bazar Dara in Kanjut, Yangi north of Kulanaldi in Kanjut, Kilian including Khathaithum, Sanju and Hindutash passes in Ladakh northern Kashmir.The fact that the aforesaid 1948 map did not extend the colour wash to the whole of the state is irrelevant since the plethora of maps of Kashmir published before 1947 including inter alia, way back, the 1909 map of Kashmir titled the map of the "North West Frontier Province and Kashmir" from the Imperial Gazetteer of India, 1909, had depicted almost the whole of Kashmir till the undefined line just short of the border of Kashmir on the Kuen Lun range where there had not been a formal demarcation of the Water shed of the Kuen Lun range to enable the depiction of a defined border . Also, the map from the article, "On the Geographical Results of the Mission to Kashghar, under Sir T. Douglas Forsyth in 1873-74" by H. Trotter, Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London, Vol. 48. (1878), pp. 173-234, The Geographical Journal, Vol. 37, No. 3. (Mar., 1911), pp. 275-280, too depicted the areas of Kashmir not included in the colour wash in the aforesaid 1948 map till the undefined line just short of the border of Kashmir on the Kuen Lun range, and any extraneous ulterior motive imputed to the fact that the aforesaid 1948 map did not extend the colour wash to the whole of the province, by prejudiced persons with vested interests working in collusion to sub-serve a hidden anti- national agenda would be summarily exposed by this fact.

In 1954, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had, out of the blue,stealthily and surreptitiously published for the first time , a new map of Kashmir. In June 1954, Zhou Enlai, Prime Minister of China was in India, and in the October of the same year Jawaharlal Nehru went to China. In between, Nehru issued a memorandum which stated inter alia that the frontier should be considered a firm and definite one , which is not open to discussion with any one. A system of check posts should be spread along this entire frontier. How did he go about doing this? In 1954, thus a new official map of India was published out of the blue, stealthily by Nehru, referred to here as the `Nehru Line' which dropped the legend undefined `and showed the northern border of Kashmir with a clear firm line. Nehru, in accordance with his Memorandum which stated that the frontier should be a firm and definite one, arbitrarily, and illegally depicted a border of Kashmir which ran well in the interior of Kashmir depicting only those areas of Kashmir which according to him was definitely part of Kashmir and beyond dispute, thus depicting large areas of Kashmir as not part of Kashmir, so as to make the border of Kashmir undisputed , and thus definite and firm, and leave no room for any future controversy. It is inevitable that the obnoxious Nehru Line which Nehru unilaterally and arbitrarily published for the first time in 1954 in accordance with his own perverted whims and fancies and is blatantly ultra vires the Constitution of India and has absolutely no legal sanctity, and is ab initio illegal, will be repudiated by the proud people of India.

Pertinently , it is imperative to note that the Director of the Intelligence Bureau , B.N. Mullik had recommended the setting of new posts in Kashmir in 1959 ,at inter alia Sarigh Jilganang Kol and Palong Karpo which was discussed in January 1959 at a meeting in the external affairs Ministry in the presence of Gen Thimayya , Chief of the Army staff and the Foreign secretary. Both the Army Chief and the Foreign Secretary had opposed the proposal to open border posts at inter alia Sarigh Jilganang Kol though Sarigh Jilganang Kol was situate deep inside Kashmir even according to the obnoxious conservative ‘Nehru Line’ because according to them, the opening of the said posts would ‘provoke’ the Chinese , and create tension. The attitude of the External Affairs Ministry (hear,hear) was that “this part of the territory was useless to India. Even if the Chinese did not encroach into it , India could not make any use of it . The boundary had not been demarcated and had been shifted more than once by the British”. (Mullik , The Chinese Betrayal, page 204)(The northern border of Kashmir with Khotan and East Turkistan continues to be in the Kuen Lun range see the map above which is an extract from the Map referred to in Article 9 of the Simla Convention between Great Britain, China and Tibet dated the 5th July 1914, depicting the southern border of Khotan and East Turkistan with Kashmir on the Kuen Lun range in the area of Hindutash in Kashmir as a red line. The map was initialed by the British representative and signed by the Tibetan and Chinese representatives. The latter two did not merely initial the Convention but signed it.)Thus Nehru and his fellow Anti-National coterie of bureaucrats did not have the conviction or care to have even an iota of intention to protect even the territory which was admittedly part of India by even the obnoxious , illegal, arbitrary , ingenious and unilaterally stealthily drawn ‘Nehru Line’ of 1954 which Nehru was duty bound to protect , sitting as he was in the chair of the Prime Minister of India, which in the first place was purportedly drawn well in the interior of Kashmir to only serve the purpose of ‘a firm and definite’ frontier ‘not open to discussion with any body’ as issued in Nehru’s memorandum of July 1954, and in 1958 we have the External Affairs Ministry illegally espousing the cause of the Chinese disputing that the area was intrinsically part of Kashmir by the statement ‘the boundary had not been demarcated and had been shifted more than once by the Britishers’. Also pertinently , Nehru by his denial of permission to open posts at inter alia Sarigh Jilganang Kol disobeyed and defied his own undertaking to the nation in his July 1954 memorandum wherein he had unequivocally stated that ‘a system of check posts should be spread along this entire frontier. More especially, we should have check posts in such places as might be considered disputed areas, which only shows how unscrupulous a person, he was.

A view of the adjacent pre- 1947 Survey of India map ( See map in the left ) would reveal that the legend “undefined” , is depicted in the vicinity of 37 N.latitude 76 E. longitude not on the Raskam river but well beyond (to the north of ) the Raskam river in Kanjut in Kashmir just short of the watershed of the Kuen Lun Range in Kashmir. (So much for persons like Mr. Noorani and his lot) So If Mr. Nehru had the interests of our nation in his heart and really wanted a firm and definite border the only thing that he was logically expected to do was to do was to depict the border to the north of Dafdar and on the watershed of the Kuen Lun range on Kukalang Pass to the north of Bazardara in Kanjut , Yangi Pass north of Kulanaldi in Kanjut , and Sanju and Hindutash passes in Ladakh. What right did he have to as per his whims and fancies and in consonance with his mindset to illegally draw the Nehru line on inter alia the Khunjareb, Mintaka and Karakoram passes deep in the interior of Kashmir in central Kashmir? The whole of the Nehru line is ab initio illegal and null and void. In any other country such an atrocious act would have resulted in an outroar and revolution. But our nation was pathetically oblivious of this criminal act and Mr. Nehru could get away with it! The only solace now for the proud people of India is that the obnoxious Nehru line is so bereft of legal sanctity, and is ab initio illegal, and null and void and is awaiting repudiation and consequential denunciation of this wicked act of Mr. Nehru. Now the Government of India is covertly illegaly conspiring with the Chinese to compromise even this area within the so called frontier which was meant to be considered a firm and definite one, not open to discussion with any one. If China has the audacity to claim Arunachal Pradesh which is situate beyond the edges of the Plateau of Tibet, then India should also claim Khotan which is also geographically similarly placed and is beyond the edge of the highlands of Kashmir at Hindutash in Kashmir which is the southern border of Khotan. If China is claiming vast alienable and integral parts of Kashmir like inter alia the Aksai Chin, Raskam, Shimshal and Shaksgam valleys in Kashmir, it is tantamount to claiming the Karakoram range which is the interior main watershed in the highlands of Kashmir, and India should then claim the Nyenchen Thanglha range which is the interior main watershed in the Plateau of Tibet as the border of India. Only then would the so called border talks be meaningful and make some sense, and India not subservient. If the Chinese are recognising Sikkim which is predominantly beyond the edge of the Plateau of Tibet as a part of India, India should reciprocate and recognise a similarly geographically placed Chinese territory which is beyond the edge of the Plateau of Tibet like Gansu on the Sino-Tibetan International border as part of China. On the other hand the subservient Indian government has surreptitiously and illegally recognised occupied Tibet, a vast occupied country as a mere province in China purportedly in exchange of the alleged Chinese recognition of Sikkim one of the numerous former princely states in India as part of India. India should follow up on the Dalai Lama's statement that India has more sovereignty over Tibet than does China. It is inevitable that India will sooner or later, denounce and repudiate Nehru's betrayal of Tibet and recognise Tibet as an independent Country.