Thursday, June 12, 2008

NDTV’s Anti -Indian mentality

In the News item from New York from NDTV’s reporter one Maya Mirchandani on the subject of Musharaf at U.N., dated 16 Friday September 2005, The aforesaid reporter with an ulterior motive and part of a diabolical conspiracy, not having the best interests of neither India or even Pakistan, spoke about the possibility of inter alia Umar Abdullah traveling across the LOC and into “ the rest of Pakistan”. The item was repeatedly telecast. This is yet another instance of the Anti National Character of the NDTV, which also shows maps of the Kashmir interalia depicting the areas Kashmir illegally given by Pakistan to the Chinese occupiers of East Turkistan extending from K2 and Shaksgam in the interior of Kashmir to Kukalang Pass in northern Kashmir on the Kuenlun area in northern Kashmir. This is being willfully done because of NDTV’s Anti -Indian mentality. However nothing is going to change the fact that the northern border of Kashmir is on the Kuenlun Range to the north of Dafdar in Kanjut, Kukalang pass to the north of Bazardara in Raskam in Kanjut, Yangi pass to the north of Kulanaldi in Raskam in Kanjut, Kilian including Khathaithum to the north of Shahidullah in Ladakh, Sanju to the north of Ali Nazar in Ladakh, Hindutash Pass to the north of Sumgal in Ladakh in India's beloved pride, the Aksai Chin area in north eastern Kashmir. India is going to liberate this sacred inalienable area of Kashmir under blatant Chinese illegal military occupation no matter what NDTVdoes, and whether they like it or not. Even if the Indian Government engages in whimsical and subservient so called ‘border’ talks with the Chinese.

NDTV’s reporter has arbitrarily and illegally suo motto described an area which includes Gilgit and Dafdar which are an integral and inalienable part of India as stated in the Constitution of India, as part of Pakistan

Do they have the insolence to think or are they so naïve to think that we Indians do not under stand or do not comprehend the meaning of what they say? And that they can get away with what they say. And they also do not care. How dare she says such things as though Kashmir is her personal property!

India should storm NDTV’s premises, confiscate the premises And put them behind bars and the said Maya Mirchandani should not be allowed to report as a journalist and should be prosecuted and action should be taken against her and her lot in accordance with law.

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