Friday, December 31, 2010

McMahon Line is only an interim line

The crux of the issue regarding the McMahon line is that it was not demarcated on the crests of the Himalayas on the watershed separating the Arunachal Himalaya from the Tibetan Plateau.    
     Before  the Chinese endeavour to annex the Assam Himalaya which is not even geographically a part of the Tibetan Plateau, the Chinese occupiers of Tibet  should integrate North West Tibet comprising the area in northwestern Tibet  between the Altyn Tagh Range and the Kuen Lun Range as well as North East Tibet comprising the Amdo area in northeastern Tibet as well as the area in East Tibet comprising the Kham region in eastern Tibet extending till Mount Minyak Gangkar (Minya Konka) in eastern Tibet  on the international border of  Tibet and China!
     The crux of the issue is that the so-called McMahon Line was demarcated deliberately along the foothills of the Assam Himalaya rather than on the watershed of the Assam Himalaya just because of the deceit of the Colonial English and their  collusion with the Chinese. The whole McMahon Line except to the north east of  Pachakshiri is ab initio illegal and the international border of India with the  Sovereign States of Tibet and Burma is much further to the north on the border Passes and Peak comprising  inter alia Sharkha Leb La, Yarto Tra la, Druk La, Namcha Barwa Peak ,  Su La , Atakang La, Yuko, Juk  and Lagya on the Indo-Tibetan International Border and Zhasha Pass on the International border of India with Burma  and the Namcha Barwa Peak is actually on the International border of the two Sovereign states of India and Tibet.

      China does not come in the picture at all. China is situate in distant  far-away East Asia and does not share a common border neither with India nor the Sub-continent of India and inevitably, there is going to be a Sea Change in the Foreign Policy of India vis-à-vis China   and inevitably, the Government of India will tell the Chinese in no uncertain terms that China does not share a border neither with the Sub-continent of India nor with India and there is nothing there to talk to the Chinese regarding the international border and India will at the appropriate time and place talk to the de jure governments of the Sovereign nations of Tibet and East Turkistan! So there!

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